Artist: Raymond Loewy
Year of Release: 1978
Country of Origin: US
Genre: Industrial Designs
Additional Info: Q: What is the most perfectly designed object?
A: The egg, the form is absolutely streamlined and functional. The perfect design.
- Raymond Loewy, 1979

Loewycreated the maquette for the lithograph after a 1965 rendering created by Loewy's design firm. Using this maquette as a model, mylar sheets (one for each color), were prepared by Gino Diomaituo, under the artist's direction, and then chemically transferred onto emulsion-coated aluminum lithographic plates at the American Atelier in New York City.

A first proof was pulled. The artist corrected the first proof by hand. A second proof was pulled and approved by the artist. The entire edition was then pulled one color at a time under the supervision of Technical Director, Mauro Guiffreda at the American Atelier.

Each print in the edition was inspected and initialed by hand in pencil by Loewy at The American Atelier in December 1978.

Edition Code: LR-129
Plates/Screens: 11 Plates
Dominant Colors: Blue, Grey, Red
Paper: Somerset
Available Editions

Print size - 21" x 28"
Edition size - 300
Printing Process - Lithograph Print

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