Shipping & Return Policy

Payment Methods

 Limited Runs accepts the following payment methods:

  • American Express
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover

Sales Tax

Applicable sales tax will be charged on total merchandise, including shipping and handling fees, where applicable, for orders shipped to California.

Domestic Shipping

Limited Runs ships everywhere within the United States. Due to increases in shipping costs through FedEx our shipping charges have increased to $35.00 per item ordered which include shipping, handling and private carrier insurance. Shipping varies according to the item type (e.g. rolled, flat, etc.) quantity, and value (for insurance purposes). Certain packages may cost more to ship and insure and you may be contacted if there are additional costs after receipt of shipment.

Is there an expedited shipment option?

Sorry, we do not currently offer expedited shipping. We are working to make your experience great with Limited Runs and are working to be able to offer expedited shipping in the future.


If I order more than one item, will they arrive in the same box?

Since some items may be shipped directly from different art dealers, your purchases may arrive in more than one package.


Shipping Fees

If you purchase multiple items you will be accessed a shipping fee for each item. Your purchases may come from various locations, and may arrive to you in more than one package. Similarly, depending on the condition of each item (e.g. rolled versus flat) multiple items coming from the same dealer may also be packed in different containers.


Why is the fee I’m charged for shipping higher than the postage paid on my envelope?

The USPS, UPS or FedEx charges are for postage only. Our charges are for shipping, insurance and art handling. Art handling costs include the cost of packing materials and the care and labor that is involved in processing, handling the artwork, packing and shipping each piece of art.


International Orders

Limited Runs currently ships to select countries (see the list below).  Charges per item ordered include shipping (based on the shipping method listed below), insurance and handling fees.  Local taxes and fees may apply based on each country’s rules and regulations, and if so, you may incur additional costs (see ‘Custom Fees’ below).  Please check with the local authorities in your area.  The countries Limited Runs currently ships to include:

Australia – US$85 U.S.P.S. Priority International Mail
Belgium – US$85 U.S.P.S. Priority International Mail
Canada – US$70 U.S.P.S. Priority International Mail
Czech Republic – US$85 U.S.P.S. Priority International Mail
Denmark – US$85 U.S.P.S. Priority International Mail
Finland – US$85 U.S.P.S. Priority International Mail
France – US$85 U.S.P.S. Priority International Mail
Germany – US$85 U.S.P.S. Priority International Mail
Holland– US$85 U.S.P.S. Priority International Mail
Hong Kong– US$95 U.S.P.S. Priority International Mail
Hungary – US$85 U.S.P.S. Priority International Mail
Ireland – US$85 U.S.P.S. Priority International Mail
Italy –US$85 U.S.P.S. Priority International Mail
Japan – US$95 U.S.P.S. Priority International Mail
Luxembourg – US$85 U.S.P.S. Priority International Mail
Monaco – US$85 U.S.P.S. Priority International Mail
Netherlands – US$85 U.S.P.S. Priority International Mail
New Zealand – US$95 U.S.P.S. Priority International Mail
Norway – US$85 U.S.P.S. Priority International Mail
Poland – US$85 U.S.P.S. Priority International Mail
Spain – US$85 U.S.P.S. Priority International Mail
Sweden – US$85 U.S.P.S. Priority International Mail
Switzerland – US$85 U.S.P.S. Priority International Mail
The United Kingdom – US$85 U.S.P.S. Priority International Mail

We continue to add locations and find more cost effect shipping methods so please check back often for updates.  Please allow for additional times for the packages to arrive.  Limited Runs reserves the right to use alternative shipping methods than the methods described above without notice.

Customs Fees

All of our art that is shipped from the U.S. to a foreign country may be subject to customs duties not included in the art price or our shipping, insurance and handling fee. Customs duties are set and collected by the government of the country where your order is delivered, not by Limited Runs. Unfortunately, we can’t discount or alter customs duties in any way or reimburse you for them. All such duties and taxes are the sole responsibility of the customer and or recipient. We declare packages as printed posters for the value of the artwork and cannot change the declaration to say anything else.


What is Limited Runs’ insurance policy?

Limited Runs’ packages are insured directly by the shippers.


Can I decline shipping insurance?

Limited Runs requires that all shipments over $100.00 be insured based on the price of each item. We currently do not offer you the option to decline insurance.


Risk of Loss

All items purchased from Limited Runs are made pursuant to a shipment contract. This means that the risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier.



We pack our art with extra care to prevent against damages during shipping. All framed art is carefully packed by hand with secure material fitted around the corners and carefully wrapped and shipped in heavy-duty boxes to prevent damage while in transit.


Shipping Times

Shipping times for multiple items order will vary, as items may be shipped from different art dealers but generally will attempt to ship an item within 10 to 14 days from confirmation of sale unless indicated otherwise on the product detail page. International orders may require an additional 7 days.  We may email a shipping confirmation once your package or packages are in transit. Packages require your signature.  You will be responsible for extra shipping costs if a package has been returned to Limited Runs because you are not available to sign for a package and we need to resend the order to you (this will include the return costs).  All framed items are framed to order and shipped separately.  Framed items require an addition 10 days (a total of 20-24 days) from confirmation of sale. Actual arrival timing for international shipments varies due to customs requirements within each receiving country. We will use reasonable efforts to ensure that you are kept informed of the estimated delivery date for the art you have purchased. Estimated delivery dates are provided for guidance purposes only and Limited Runs accepts no liability for any loss incurred due to delivery being outside of the estimated times.


How can I track my package?

We will send you an email notification when your package have shipped that include tracking information. You can also view the status of your order and obtain tracking information in the Orders section of My Account.


Incorrect Addresses & Non-Acceptance of Packages

Other shipping issues can be traced back to incorrect addresses or a buyer’s inability to sign for a package or collect the package from the shipper.  In all such instances, the buyer is responsible for incorrect addresses or for buyer’s inability to sign for a package or collect the package from the shipper without liability to Limited Runs.  Please make sure that your shipping address is up-to-date and/or that you are available to receive a package before placing your order.  You will be responsible for extra shipping costs if a package has been returned to Limited Runs marked “insufficient address” or your inability to receive a package and we need to resend the order due to an address input error or if the package is returned to Limited Runs.




1. Destruction Of Any Sale Item – Sales of items that are destroyed during shipping by the shipping agent selected by Limited Runs, Limited Runs shall refund your money; provided that the destroyed item is returned to Limited Runs prior to such refund and you provide verifiable proof of destruction by the Limited Runs’ selected shipper. No refund shall be made in the event you use your own shipper or select a shipper not utilized by Limited Runs, then in such event, title to the purchased item transfers to you at the time that Limited Runs or its agent passes the item to the shipper selected by you, and in such instance destruction of the item during shipping shall be your sole responsibility and Limited Runs or the merchant of record shall have no liability to you.

2. Non-Receipt of Item(s) – In the event an item or items are not delivered to you, as must be verified by the Limited Runs selected shipper of the item(s), Limited Runs and the merchant of record agree to refund you, provided that no refund shall be made in the event you use your own shipper, shipping method or shipper not utilized by Limited Runs, then in such event, title to the purchased item transfers to you at the time that Limited Runs or its agent passes the item to the shipper selected by you, and in such instance, non-delivery by the shipper shall be your sole responsibility and Limited Runs or the merchant of record shall have no liability to you.

3. Receipt of an Incorrect Item(s) – In the event an incorrect item or items are shipped to you, or if any item is received that is not identical to the photographed image of such item as shown on the website, Limited Runs and the merchant of record agree to ship you the correct item provided that such incorrectly shipped item is return to and received by Limited Runs and/or the merchant of record in the same condition as it was originally shipped to you, and the correct item, where available, shall be sent to you, or if such Item is no longer available, Limited Runs and the merchant of record shall provide you a full refund.

4. Fakes – Sales of items that are determined to be fakes or frauds shall be refunded, provided that before Limited Runs will refund any money in connection with a claim of fraud, the following must occur:

You must:

(A) Show verifiable proof to Limited Runs that the item sold through the Website is a fake; and

(B) Return such disputed item, at your expense, to Limited Runs, for Limited Runs’ independent investigation.

Limited Runs, upon receipt of such disputed item, will:

(C) Investigate the claim by timely inspecting the disputed item, and, where required and practical, as determined by Limited Runs in its sole discretion, utilize the appropriate expert to make a determination of the authenticity of the disputed item.

(D) Upon conclusion of such investigation, if the disputed item is determined by Limited Runs to be: (i) a fake, Limited Runs and the merchant of record shall agree to make full restitution to you; or (ii) if the disputed item is determined to be authentic, Limited Runs shall return the item to you without any liability to you for the condition of the item.

You understand and hereby acknowledge that in order to determine the authenticity of a disputed item, certain tests may be conducted on that item which may damage or compromise the condition of the item, and therefore, Limited Runs or the merchant of record shall incur no liability for the condition or damage of any disputed item after such inspection. Any shipping cost incurred by Limited Runs in connection with a disputed item that is determined to be authentic shall be your sole responsibility.

Limited Runs does not take title to returned items until the item arrives at our fulfillment center. At our discretion, a refund may be issued without requiring a return. In this situation, Limited Runs will not take title to the refunded item.

Given the nature of vintage items, you represent and warrant that prior to purchasing an item on the Website, you have thoroughly inspected the image of the item and you accept its condition and further more you understand that the item is unique and limited and/or an antique and is not, or may not be, in pristine condition, and does contain flaws and imperfections.


updated April, 2022