Greatest Mother in the World (S) World War I Advertising Poster


Genre: World War I
Artist: Alonzo Earl Foringer
Year Printed: c. circa 1917
Size: 20 1/4" x 26 7/8"
Country of Poster: Unknown
Restoration Detail: Unrestored
Grade: Very Fine
Additional Information: Original poster: THE GREATEST MOTHER IN THE WORLD. archivally linen backed. Very clean. Seeing all things with a mother's sixth sense that's blind to jealousy and meanness; helping the little home that's crushed beneath an iron hand by showing mercy in a healthy, human way; rebuilding it, in fact, with stone on stone and bringing warmth to hearts and hearths too long neglected. She's warming thousands, feeding thousands, healing thousands from her store; the Greatest Mother in the World- the Red Cross. Original poster issued by RED CROSS during World War 1 to elicit donations. The Red Cross is personified as a beautiful nurse cradling a sick soldier, who is laying in a cot. The soldier has been reduced to the size of an infant in her arms, as she is "The Greatest Mother in the World." This poster has been archivally mounted on linen and restored. Reference: Rawls 124 Original poster: Hey Fellows! Your Money Brings this Book We Need When We Want It. Original World War 1 antique military poster created by John Sheridan, year: 1918. Archival linen backed and ready to frame in excellent condition. Size 20" x 30". One of the posters That Sold World War I to the American Public. These posters inspired you to enlist, to pick up the flag and support your country. They made you in some cases fear an enemy or created a fear you didn’t know you had. Nations needed to convince their citizens that this war was just, and we needed to participate and not sit and watch. Hey Fellows portrays American servicemen as literate and keen readers who are overjoyed to receive books from stateside donors thanks to an innovative program organized by the American Library Association. This is an authentic WW1 stone lithograph, a U. S. military propaganda poster used during war time. This Hey Fellows! Your Money Brings this Book is an Original Vintage Poster; it is not a reproduction. This poster is conservation mounted, linen backed to preserve and protect the poster, and in excellent condition.

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