L.A. After SUNSET - The Book Original Fine Art & Photography Book


Genre: Fine Art & Photography
Year of Release: 2016
Writer: Connie Conway
Country: US
Size: 8" x 8"
Style: Soft Cover
Pages: 48
Description: With a famously storied past, the "City of Angels" comes to life at sunset. Signed by the photographer, Connie Conway, L.A. After SUNSET - The Book is a unique selection of 27 images from her ongoing series L.A. After SUNSET.

Conway’s photos are noir in full color as if Raymond Chandler were art directing each shot of Hollywood and downtown with existing light. Other photos appear to be shot through Charles Bukowski’s whiskey glass, but they too only utilize existing light to create amber shadows and sparkling miracles within a camera lens.
~ J. Eric Lynxwiler, Museum of Neon Art

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