Levia 1980 Olympic Africa Sports Advertising Poster


Genre: Sports
Artist: Michael Schwab
Year Printed: 1979
Size: 24 x 18
Country of Poster: Unknown
Restoration Detail: Unrestored
Grade: Very Fine
Additional Information: Original vintage Olympic sport poster Africa, archival linen backed. Published by Levi Strauss for the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympic Games featuring a stylised artwork by M. Schwab depicting a female African runner in extension as she passes the relay to her teammate while at the bottom the body of an archer is emerging from the shape of the African continent. This poster is part of a series of six posters commissioned by Levi's, the San Francisco blue-jeans manufacturer, to promote their official sponsor status of the US team for the 1980 Olympic Games. The campaign was titled “Levi’s Olympic Opportunity Sweepstakes" and each poster emphasized the sport associated with one of the six continents: Skiing (North America); Gymnastics (Asia); Swimming (Australia); Track & Field (Africa); Soccer (South America); Cycling (Europe). When the USSR invaded Afghanistan in the 1979, President Carter cancelled the US participation in the Moscow Olympics as a protest and Levi Strauss, hence unable to provide apparel to the members of the US team, decided to abandon the campaign and withdrawn the posters because of the US boycott of the games. Condition: Excellent condition. Country of printing: USA, designer: Michael Schwab.

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