Cycles Omnium Motorcycles & Bicycles Advertising Poster


Genre: Motorcycles & Bicycles
Artist: F. Capelli
Year Printed: c. 1896
Size: 27 x 39"
Country of Poster: Unknown
Restoration Detail: Unrestored
Grade: Very Fine
Additional Information: Original Cycles Omnium antique vintage French bicycle poster from the late 1880s-1890s. Printer: N. Weill, Paris, France. Archival linen backed and ready to frame. There was an area in the right-hand sky (creamish yellow) top area that has had some restoration. Touched up border in the upper right corner. The poster was folded in half, with the fold mark restored during linen backing. Artist is: F. Capelli. Printer: Imp. N. Weill, Paris The image of a couple with their child on a bicycle ride out in the countryside of France, all in art nouveau clothing and hats. You can feel the speed of these early bicycles by the wind blowing her scarf and the motion indicated inside the wheels. An "omnium" was a bicycle endurance race which was quite popular in the 1890s. Here, a little-known brand of the cycle takes its name from the event, bringing forth images of strength and reliability. The Cycles Omnium original vintage poster is a classic piece of artwork that captures the essence of cycling during the turn of the century. It features a man, his wife, and their child riding bicycles, highlighting the growing popularity of cycling as a leisure activity and mode of transportation during that era. The poster's design incorporates the artistic style typical of the turn of the century, often referred to as Art Nouveau or Belle Époque. These styles were characterized by intricate details, flowing lines, and an emphasis on decorative elements. The poster likely showcases ornate typography and decorative motifs, creating an aesthetically pleasing composition. The prominence of bicycles in the poster reflects the significance of cycling during that time. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, bicycles became more accessible and affordable, increasing popularity among people of all social classes. Cycling offered a sense of freedom, allowing individuals to explore their surroundings, travel greater distances, and enjoy outdoor activities. The image of the man, wife, and child riding bicycles together conveys a sense of unity, leisure, and family values. It promotes cycling as a wholesome and enjoyable activity that loved ones can share. Including the child emphasizes the generational appeal of cycling, suggesting that it is a pastime that people of all ages can enjoy. As an original vintage poster, the Cycles Omnium artwork represents a piece of history and provides a glimpse into the culture and aesthetics of the turn of the century. It serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of cycling and the artistic styles of that era. Collectors and enthusiasts of vintage posters often value such pieces for their historical and artistic significance. This is an Original Lithograph Vintage Poster; it is not a reproduction. This poster is conservation mounted, linen-backed, and in excellent condition. This is an Original Lithograph Vintage Poster; it is not a reproduction. The Vintage Poster has been working with collectors worldwide helping them with their original vintage poster collections. Our posters come with a . We stand behind the description and condition of the vintage posters shown on the website. The Vintage Poster is an IVPDA-certified vintage poster dealer. Available online to you 24/7. We are glad to assist you. Our current inventory is online and is updated frequently. To purchase, add the item(s) to your cart and check out. They will be delivered to your door. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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