CHIANTI MELINI Food & Beverage Advertising Poster


Genre: Food & Beverage
Artist: Anonymous Artists
Year Printed: c. 1910
Size: 39.5" X 55"
Country of Poster: Unknown
Restoration Detail: Unrestored
Grade: Very Fine
Additional Information: Original ultra rare CHIANTI MELINI stone lithograph vintage Italian poster. This poster is archival linen backed with restoration. At this time this is the best original of this poster; because it appears that only 1 copy survived. The boarders have been repaired as well as several areas in the image to guarantee that this image would survive. Chianti Melini wine; grandi cantine in Pontassieve, Firenze. The Chianti wine from the Pontassieve near Florence, Italy. he Melini Winery dates back to 1705, and is one of the Chianti region’s oldest and most historic wineries. Late Melini winemaker Adolfo Laborel Melini introduced the first "fiasco strapeso" (straw flask) in 1860, thus allowing his container of tempered glass to become resistant to the pressure of a cork inserted by a machine; Chianti could now be more easily be transported to customers near and far. The estate began in 1705 in Pontassieve, a commune 9 miles (14km) east of Florence, where the Melini family established a winery and began producing Vermiglio wine. In 1860. The image features a monk inspecting a glass of his Chianti wine. The company released a similar image about 1949 with a younger looking monk holding a glass of wine, again inspecting in; apparently in the same wine caverns. This is an Original Lithograph Vintage Poster; it is not a reproduction. This poster is professional acid-free conservation mounted, linen backed. See above about condition on this 1 of a kind Chianti poster.

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