Sean Murphy

At first Sean Murphy, an US Air Force fighter pilot’s son, appeared destined for full bad-boy designation as he grew up misbehaving on military bases on both sides of the Atlantic. After he was in fourth grade and the family had put down roots in Florida, he continued to cause trouble until he settled into a post-high school life of various aimless jobs. Then, a photography class at a community college in Orlando changed his life when his teacher, who’d shot photos for none other than Life magazine, saw his work and suggested he make a career of it.

Then Sean was off and running: first, he graduated valedictorian from The New England School of Photography. Later, in San Francisco, his lifelong long of music came in handy when he began working for small music labels.

Next came Los Angeles and a gig with Getty Images (then Tony Stone), followed by prestigious advertising work. But music photography has always remained a core passion of Sean’s; he’s shot numerous album covers and created memorable images of artists and bands from Weezer and Tenacious D to Green Day and Kid Rock.

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