Kevin Goff

Born in 1948, Kevin Goff grew up in the beach city of Santa Monica, California.  As a young teen, he began experimenting with his father’s cameras, ultimately cutting his teeth shooting and documenting activities around the beach community.  Beach volleyball was coming into its own in 1950’s Southern California and with his close proximity to the action, Kevin was able to shoot at many of the tournaments.  Many of Kevin’s pictures from this era are featured in the  “Sands of Time” The History of Beach Volleyball, a 3 book set and complete history of Men and Women’s Beach Volleyball including nearly 500 photographs of the events, venues and players from this era.

In the 60’s  the music scene was flourishing in Southern California and the iconic Santa Monica Civic Auditorium hosted virtually every rock act you can imagine.  This was the time of innocence and ease, where “In those days you were able to pack a camera, buy a good seat and even take a tripod to a concert!”  The British invasion hit in full force and drawn to the music, Kevin began documenting the music scene. When one of his images of Jimi Hendrix became a top-seller, his work began receiving attention.  That led to Kevin ultimately working in the business, eventually shooting Warner Brothers Records artists and touring with many of their bands.

Kevin  also worked as a stringer for AP and after school at UCLA he wanted transitioned into the film business working as a camera assistant an a variety of productions including Spiderman and the highly acclaimed television series Mad Men.

Though now retired from the movies, Kevin is still immersed in photography.  He is traveling, continuing to photograph subjects of personal interest, actively pursuing his passion.