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In the history of motion pictures there are only a handful of directors whose name are known and popular with the general public. The names Steven Spielberg, Billy Wilder, John Ford and Quentin Tarantino are such directors. But only one director, in the history of motion pictures, whose name has become synonymous with a genre or style.  When someone says that movie is very “Hitchcockian” you immediately know that they are talking about the films of director Alfred Hitchcock.  Alfred Hitchcock was a master director whose films were carefully crafted, highly stylized and immediately recognizable as a “Hitchcock” film. In keeping with our ongoing series, we believe that the film of Alfred Hitchcock deserve their own category of the “Greatest Posters of All-Time”.  We’ve looked at the history of Hitchcock’s movie posters and judged the official poster art so as to come up with this list of the top 30 Greatest Hitchcock Movie Posters of All-Time. In compiling the list we’ve looked at posters from around the world including re-releases. Like Hitchcock many of these posters are icon and are highly collectible by movie poster aficionados.

We hope you enjoy these posters and admire the artwork, and if you’re just starting to collect vintage posters, we know you’ll discover some great designs as you countdown the top 30 Greatest Hitchcock Movie Posters of All-Time. Enjoy.

30. The Birds (Universal, 1963) Polish Poster
Artist: Zelek


29. The 39 Steps (Gaumont, 1935) One Sheet


28. Dial M for Murder (Warner Brothers, 1954) One Sheet


27. The Man Who Knew Too Much (Gaumont British Picture Corporation of America , 1934) One Sheet


26. Jamaica Inn (Scalera, 1940) Italian 4 – Fogli
Artwork by Carlo Ludovico Bompiani


25. The Woman Alone a/k/a Sabotage(Gaumont / 20th Century Fox, 1937) One Sheet


24. Rebecca (United Artists, 1940) One Sheet


23. Suspicion (RKO, 1941) One Sheet



22. Strangers on a Train (Warner Brothers, 1951) Three Sheet


21. The Lady Vanishes (Gaumont, 1938) One Sheet


20. Stage Fright (Warner Brothers, 1950) French Grande
Artist: Boris Grinsson


19. Lifeboat (20th Century Fox, 1944) One Sheet


18. The Paradine Case (Selznick, 1949) French Grande (Red Style)
Artist: Roger Jacquier aka Rojac


17. Foreign Correspondent (Kleberfilm, 1948) First Post War Release French Grande


16. I Confess (Warner Brothers, 1953) French Grande
Artist: Rene Peron


15. The Man Who Knew Too Much (Paramount Pictures, R-1960s) German A1


14. Torn Curtain (Universal, 1966) French Petite


13. The Wrong Man (Warner Brothers, 1957) French Grande
Artist: Jean Mascii


12. Saboteur (Universal, 1957) First Post-War German A1


11. Notorious (RKO, 1946) One Sheet


10. The Birds (Universal, 1963) 24 Sheet


9. Spellbound (United Artists, 1945) One Sheet

8. North by Northwest (MGM, 1959) French Grande
Artist: Roger Soubie


7. Vertigo (Paramount, 1958) French Grande
Artist: Boris Grinsson


6. To Catch a Thief (Paramount, 1955) One Sheet


5. North by Northwest (MGM, 1959) One Sheet


4. Psycho (Paramount, 1960) One Sheet


3. Rope (Warner Brothers, 1948) French Grande
Artist: Boris Grinsson


2. Rear Window (Paramount, 1954) One Sheet

1. Vertigo (Paramount, 1958) One Sheet
Artist: Saul Bass


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