The Top 50 Greatest Film Noir Movie Posters Of All-time

by Pierre Vudrag on Wednesday, August 19, 2020

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We have compiled our latest category of the greatest movie posters of all-time.   While many a film noir were made on very low budgets, the studios spared no expense when designing the promotional art.  Leaving the world with some of the most beautifully and stunning poster art.  This is why authentic vintage film noir posters are universally collectible, with some titles getting top dollar at auction or through poster dealers.

In compiling this, we judge posters from all over the world and compare initial and re-release posters and alternative styles to come up with this list.  There were so many great posters that this list could have more than doubled.  Maybe some day we’ll compile a larger list.  We hope you enjoy the art, and if you’re just starting to collect vintage posters, we know you’ll discover some great designs as you countdown the top 50 greatest film noir movie posters of all-time. Enjoy.

50. Woman in Hiding (Universal, 1950) French Petite


49. Scandal Sheet (Columbia, 1952) French Grande
Artist: Rene Peron


48. The Reckless Moment (Columbia, 1950) Italian 2 – Folio
Artist: Tito Corbella


47. Mildred Pierce (Warner Brothers, 1950) German A1


46. Crossfire (RKO, 1947) One Sheet


45. Pitfall (United Artists, 1948) One Sheet


44. Criss Cross (Universal, 1949) One Sheet


43. Dead Reckoning (Columbia, 1947) One Sheet, Style B


42. Road House (20th Century Fox, 1948) One Sheet


41. White Heat (Warner Brothers, 1950) Italian 2 – Folio
Artist: Luigi Martinati


40. House on Telegraph Hill (20th Century Fox, 1951) One Sheet


39. The Damned Don’t Cry (Warner Brothers, 1951) French Grande

38. The Postman Always Rings Twice (MGM, 1946) One Sheet


37. Woman on the Run (Universal International, 1950) One Sheet


36. Sorry, Wrong Number (Paramount, 1948) Three Sheet


35. Kiss Of Death (20th Century Fox, R-1951) French Half Grande
Artist: Roger Soubie


34. The Naked Kiss (Allied Artists, 1964) One Sheet


33. Leave Her to Heaven (20th Century Fox, 1945) International One Sheet


32. Fallen Angel (20th Century Fox, 1945) One Sheet


31. Nightmare Alley (20th Century Fox, 1947) One Sheet


30. Scandal Sheet (Columbia, 1952) Italian 2 – Folio
Artist: Luigi Martinati


29. The Verdict (Warner Brothers, 1949) Italian 2 – Folio
Artist: Luigi Martinati


28. Night Has a Thousand Eyes (Paramount, 1948) One Sheet


27. City That Never Sleeps (Republic, 1953) One Sheet


26. The House on 92nd Street (20th Century Fox, 1945) One Sheet


25. Conflict (Warner Brothers, 1945) French 4-Panel
Artist: Boris Grinsson
This poster is over-sized and measures 63″ X 92″, it’s essentially a billboard


24. The Blue Dahlia (Paramount, 1946) Three Sheet


23. The Dark Corner (20th Century Fox, 1946) British Quad



22. Strangers on a Train (Warner Bros., 1952) Italian 2 – Folio
Artist: Luigi Martinati


21. The Stranger (RKO, 1946) One Sheet


20. Secret Beyond the Door (Universal International, 1948) One Sheet


19. Dark Passage (Warner Brothers, 1947) French Grande
Artist: Pierre Pigeot


18. Born to Kill (RKO, 1946) One Sheet


17. Call Northside 777 (20th Century Fox, 1948) One Sheet


16. Lady in the Lake (MGM, 1947) One Sheet


15. Night and the City (20th Century Fox, 1950) Three Sheet
Artist: Sergio Gargiulo


14. In a Lonely Place (Columbia, 1950) Italian 4 – Folio
Artist: Anselmo Ballester


13. The Lady from Shanghai (Columbia, 1947) One Sheet


12. Touch of Evil (Universal International, 1958) Six Sheet


11. Gun Crazy (United Artists, 1950) One Sheet


10. Double Indemnity (Paramount, 1944) One Sheet


9. The Two Mrs. Carrolls (Warner Brothers, 1947) French Grande
Artist: Rene Peron


8. Somewhere in the Night (20th Century Fox, 1946) One Sheet


7. Sudden Fear (RKO, 1952) One Sheet, Style A


6. Out of the Past (RKO, 1947) One Sheet


5. The Glass Key (Paramount, 1942) One Sheet, Style A

4. The Big Heat (Columbia, 1953). Italian 4 – Folio
Artist: Anselmo Ballester


3. Assignment: Paris (Columbia Pictures, 1952) Italian 4-Folio
Artist: Anselmo Ballester

2. This Gun for Hire (Paramount, 1942) One Sheet
This Gun for Hire is considered one of the best film noir ever made and this beautiful poster is also one of the most sought after posters by collectors.


1. The Lady from Shanghai (Columbia, 1948) Italian 2 – Folio
Designed by Anselmo Ballester, one of Italy’s greatest movie poster artist.  This movie is considered one of the best film noirs ever made. Ballester’s artwork created his best work with this poster, outdoing his usual brilliance, and perfectly capturing Rita Hayworth beauty to perfection.  This is our selection for the greatest film noir movie poster of all-time.

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