The Top 24 Best Political Movie Posters Of All-time

by Pierre Vudrag on Monday, March 30, 2020

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We hope that you are all keeping busy and staying safe during the self-quarantine and want to let you know we will be publishing more articles, lists and stories that we hope will help keep you entertained during this stressful time. During this crazy time it is easy to forget that 2020 is election year and keeping up with this political time we’ve put together our list of the best political movie posters. While compiling our list we judged posters from all over the world and even compared initial and re-release posters and alternative styles to come up with this list of the 24 greatest political movie posters of all-time.

24. JFK (One Sheet) (Warner Brothers, 1991)

23. Malcolm X (French Petite) (Warner Brothers, 1992)

22. Election (One Sheet) (Paramount Pictures, 1999)

21. Bulworth (Advance One Sheet, Style A) (20th Century Fox, 1998)

20. The Candidate (One Sheet) (Warner Brothers, 1972)

19. All the Presidents Men (British Quad) (Warner Brothers, 1976)

18. Being There (British Quad) (ITC, 1980)

17. A Face in the Crowd (Half Sheet) (Warner Brothers, 1957)

16. Seven Days in May (Six Sheet) (Paramount Pictures, 1964)

15. All the Kings Men (Style A, Six Sheet) (Columbia Pictures, 1949)

14. Advise & Consent (One Sheet) (Columbia Pictures, 1962)
Artwork by Saul Bass

13. Born Yesterday (Italian 2 – Fogli) (Columbia Pictures, 1951)
Artwork by Anselmo Ballester

12. The Battle of Algiers (British Double Crown) (Magna, 1968)

11. High Noon (Three Sheet) (United Artists, 1952)

10. Abraham Lincoln (Three Sheet) (Art Cinema Associates, R-1937)

9. Gabriel Over the White House (Insert) (MGM, 1933)

8. The Grapes of Wrath (Style A, One Sheet) (20th Century Fox, 1940)

7. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (Italian Photobusta) (Columbia Pictures, 1964)

6. The Great Dictator (One Sheet) (United Artists, 1940)

5. Young Mr. Lincoln ( Style A, Three Sheet) (20th Century Fox, 1939)

4. Fail Safe (Italian 4-Folio) (Columbia Pictures, 1965)

3. Citizen Kane (Italian 4 – Foglio) (Titanus, R-1960s)

2. Paths of Glory (One Sheet) (United Artists, 1957)

1. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (One Sheet, Style B) (Columbia Pictures, 1939)
Was a close decision between the Style A One Sheet but this rarer Style B design won out.

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