The Beatles – Their Movies & The Glorious Colorful Posters

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It is our pleasure to share with you the filmed works – or actually the printed works designed to accompany the movies made by the greatest music quartet that ever lived: The BEATLES (aka John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr).

The BEATLES in the space of 6 years (1964 through 1970), released 5 movies: A Hard Day’s Night, Help!, Magical Mystery Tour, Yellow Submarine and Let It Be.  In addition to these official film were many live filmed performances or documentaries which included studio and live footage.  Here we present a number of glorious colorful posters from all over the world of many of these Beatles movies. While planning this blog we learned of the passing of George Martin.  This blog is also a tribute to George Martin, the man behind the curtain, who orchestrated, produced and arranged nearly all of the Beatles recorded music, all of which are masterpieces we know so well.  Check out this fitting tribute to the production and arranging wizardry of George Martin with an excerpt from The Making of Sgt. Pepper taped in 1987 where he deconstructs each song at his mixing board….Genius at work!

A HARD DAY’S NIGHT (United Artists, 1964) R-1982 Japanese B2

The BEATLES‘ first movie was put together rapidly as the Beatlemania was sweeping the UK, Europe and the US and the producers needed a vehicle to cash in. Directed by veteran Richard Lester, the movie is considered the best Rock N’ Roll film ever produced and is the standard that many directors used when producing any music film. The movie captures some great goofy performances from the Beatles.

Better are the various visuals for the movie releases around the world as shown here with posters and programs from Germany, the Czech Republic, France, Argentina and Japan

 A Hard Day’s Night (United Artists, 1964) German A1 Movie Poster by Kurt Degen


A Hard Day’s Night (United Artists, 1964) Vintage U.S. One Sheet Movie Poster

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After the success of A Hard Day’s Night, the band decided to push themselves on their second film Help! (also directed by Richard Lester). Help! is filled with more elaborate choreographed sequences mixed with great British humor and fantastic musical compositions.

Below is a selection of various visuals for the Film’s release around the world including vintage posters, lobby cards, programs and limited edition prints.

HELP! (United Artists, 1965)

HELP! (United Artists, 1965) Japanese B2 Movie Poster



HELP! (United Artists, 1965) Japanese Movie Program

Original and very rare 23 page Japanese movie program for the Beatles’ second movie, featuring many great photos. In near mint condition.





The BEATLES toured the US relentlessly between 1964 and 1966 with their concert at New York City (actually Queens) Shea Stadium became legendary not because of the performance – average and marred by the screams of 50,000 screaming fans but mainly because it was captured on film, co-produced by the Beatles’manager, Brian Epstein and US TV supremo, Ed Sullivan.

The Beatles at Shea Stadium Movie Poster (Fuji Eiga Company, R-1977) Ultra rare Japanese only poster (also available, see the accompanying program) with unique Art gathering the 2 Beatles’ concert / musical documentaries.


Possibly the weirdest movie in The BEATLES’ short filmography but one which captures the entirety of their musical oeuvre as the animated psychedelic movie directed by George Dunning includes so many of the band’s songs, old ones as well as new compositions which perfectly complement the animation.  Of all the posters created for this movie, the best ones always came from Japan (see examples below).

Yellow Submarine (United Artists, 1968) Japanese B2 Movie Poster
Ultra rare, mint condition, vintage Japanese poster for the 1968 Beatles’ animated musical.


 Yellow Submarine (United Artists, 1968) Japanese B3 Movie Poster
Vintage double-sided Japanese press poster for the 1968 Beatles’ animated musical


The BEATLES’ last official movie was released in 1970 after a year of filming by Michael Lindsay-Hogg at Shepperton studios during the rehearsals for the Let It be album as well as Abbey Road (the last album actually recorded by the band although Let It Be was released later). The highlight of the movie is undoubtedly the 32 minute long live performance (their last together) given on the roof of their Apple office building.  The band was backed by Billy Preston on the organ.

Let It Be (United Artists, 1970) Japanese B2 Movie Poster
Vintage Japanese poster for The Beatles’ live in studio documentary.

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