The Films of Elvis Presley

by Pierre Vudrag on Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 8th marks what would have been Elvis Presley’s 80th birthday, while remembered for his groundbreaking music career. With estimated records sales reaching over a billion (yes billion with a “B”), Elvis is undeniably the most successful recording artist in the history of the music business and there is no stopping this train as RCA records is set to release more material this year. Elvis also had a very successful movie career, starring in 33 films. Making 27 films from the period of 1960 through 1969, Elvis was one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, earning at one point a million dollars a film in the 1960’s. Elvis’ film posters often command a high price point, especially with the films made in the 50’s. Here are some of the film posters that are currently available on Limited Runs.



Jailhouse Rock (MGM, 1957) One Sheet

Jailhouse Rock was probably his most defining role as an ex-con that becomes a successful rock star.  The film included a dance sequence for the title song that that Elvis choreographed himself. The sequence is alluded to in this original vintage theatrical one sheet is from the initial release of the film in 1957.



King Creole (Paramount, 1958) One Sheet

King Creole was Elvis’ 4th film and last before entering the army in 1958. Directed by famed director Michael Curtiz, this is arguably Elvis’ greatest film role. This original vintage theatrical one sheet is from the initial release of the film.




Love Me Tender (20th Century Fox, 1956) British Quad
This is a rare British Quad from Elvis’ first film Love Me Tender

Viva Las Vegas (MGM, 1964) Japanese B2
Known and loved around the world including in Japan where this original vintage Japanese B2 from Elvis’ Viva Las Vegas! which also features the sexy Ann Margret

Elvis On Tour
(MGM, 1972) Japanese Program

Elvis toured constantly in the late 60’s through his untimely death in 1977. Two theatrical releases captured his energetic concerts. This rare original vintage Japanese Program is from one of these, 1972’s “Elvis On Tour”



Follow That Dream (United Artists, 1962) Three Sheet

Elvis’s hair color in the 1962 American musical “Follow That Dream”, is his natural color. It is the only movie, (outside of Love Me Tender) where we get to see him without his hair dyed black.

Live a Little, Love a Little (MGM, 1968) Belgium


Tickle Me (Allied Artists, 1965) German A1

 This German poster designed by Kurt Degen has a very unique design and is probably the best from all the other paper from this title. Note the film was called “Cowboy Melodie” for the German release.

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