Collector’s Corner: ART of the SHARK

by Pierre Vudrag on Sunday, July 12, 2015

With the 40th anniversay re-release of Jaws, Discovery channels highly rated reality series of programming around Shark Week, we are constantly reminded why we shouldn’t do what we all like to do–go to the beach. I’m a huge movie fan (as if you couldn’t tell if you took a look at the site) which was helped with the release of the film that also fueled my fascination with sharks…Jaws.  I saw the film on its opening day release and it scared the hell out of me but I loved the film so much that I went back and saw it three more times during it’s initial release.  I also naturally fell in love with the film art.  To this day one of my all time favorite one sheets.  Here is a collection of movie posters that include sharks or other monsters of the deep in the film artwork, and yes there are many versions of posters from the Jaws franchise from various parts of the globe.  I hope you enjoy.

The grand daddy of shark films, Stephen Spielberg’s master-piece, Jaws (Universal, 1975).  This Britsh Quad has been meticulously restored and linenbacked.  We also have a U.S. one sheet which is folded and in very fine condition.

The Italian 4-Folio used the same art and included the english language version of the title.


This Italian 4-Folio has also been restored and linen backed.  The art for the sequel was reminiscent of the original in attempts to lure film-goers into the theatres, and it worked as Jaws 2 was the all time highest-grossing sequel ever in history until Rocky II (1979) was released the following year in 1979.

Jaws 2 (Universal, 1978) One Sheet

One of my favorite posters from Jaws 2 is the inventive Polish B1 poster by artist Edward Lutczyn.  Lutczyn uses a image similar to the art in the first film in this rare poster but gives the shark a second set of jaws.


Another interesting poster from eastern Europe is the Czech poster for the re-release of Jaws into the Czech Republic in 1987 by artist Zdenek Ziegler.

 Jaws (Universal, R-1987) Czech Republic

Jaws went on to inspire the shark genre as ssen with this great illustration art for the Italian produced Jaws style movie, Great White (Film Ventures International, 1981) One Sheet

Very rare poster created for the Japanese release of the 1976 Italian documentary about sharks, Shark And Men (Toho, 1976) Japanese B2

 Blue Water, White Death (National General, 1971) Italian Photobusta, 1971 documentary about great white sharks

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