Caring For Your Art

Enemies of Your Art

Always remember to keep your artwork out of sun light or any other form of direct lighting.  Heat, excessive dryness, and humidity are enemies of art and paper so try to keep your artwork in a cool dry location.  Also, try to avoid subjecting your artworks to extreme changes in atmosphere.

Storing Your Art

Use only archival materials including acid free paper to store your artwork.  Try to store your artwork flat in a flat file or some other method, however if you can and must roll your artwork, make sure not to roll it to tightly.  Do not cover your artwork with plastic for long periods of time unless you use archival sleeves.  If there is humidity in the air, non-archival sleeves may hold moisture and may start to grow mold.

Framing Your Art

When framing your artwork always make sure that your framer uses only archival materials, including acid free paper and boards.  Make certain your framer does not use adhesives or tape to mount your artwork to a board.  We recommend that your framer uses a process called hinge-free mounting.  This is a non-invasive method of securing prints, drawings, or photographs into a mat without applying adhesives or tapes directly to the artwork.

It is also recommended that you do not use glass in your frames.  Limited Runs only uses UV Plexi which protects your artwork from light and is shatter proof.

Damaged / Restoration

If your artwork does get damaged, please don’t attempt to fix it yourself.  Unprofessional repairs can reduce the value of your artwork drastically. Contact Limited Runs at and we’ll refer a qualified conservator.

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