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by Pierre Vudrag on Friday, October 24, 2014

Limited Edition signed and numbered T.A.Z. Pearl Jam poster is now available for sale in limited quantities exclusively on Limited Runs.

Artist Jim Evans learned his trade in the San Francisco underground scene which is evident from his wide ranging body of work from comics, rock and film posters, dozens of album covers, and numerous advertising and magazine illustrations.

Jim is also the founder of the T.A.Z. collaboration, which created hundreds of rock gig posters, record sleeves, and rock ephemera, many of which are for sale on Limited Runs, (click here to see the complete collection of T.A.Z. work).  Jim has become one of the foremost award winning media artists, and his work has been collected, exhibited, and disseminated worldwide.

Having done many posters for Pearl Jam over the course of their career, Jim jumped at the chance when invited to do one for their most recent show in Berlin, Germany on June 26th.  Pearl Jam has consistently pushed artists to create posters that are as creative as the amazing musical output of the band.  This poster even features a freeform piece of art printed on the back.

Jim considers his work on the Pearl Jam poster to be one of the best gig posters of his recent output, and we can’t agree more.  Due to Limited Runs unique relationship with Jim and T.A.Z., we have been exclusively offered a limited quantity of signed and numbered prints, which will be made available for sale on October 24th.  Limited Runs has been given 50 of the signed and numbered edition of the poster which will be available for sale on October 24th while supplies last.

The poster is 4 color / machine pulled / featuring 2 split fountains 24″ x 36″ serigraph with a 1′ white border all around.  Printing is on both sides of the poster (see the back art of the poster).

Inspired to do something different than the sci-fi, Japanese manga, broadside posters he had done for Pearl Jam previously, Jim thought to create something more nordic, and mythological looking – even mystical. Thus, a three eyed Buddha slams head on into a winged dragon / boar, all designed to evoke a non-existant German beer label done with an eye to 60’s psychedelia.

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