by Rebecca Cox on Sunday, April 19, 2015

Coachella, since its inception in 1999, has become something of an international holiday honored by thousands upon thousands. The music and arts festival held on 78 acres of desert excellence in Indio, California is currently happening alongside the Art & Sound festival at Gallery 446 in Palm Springs. Curated by Eddie Donaldson, this explorative and provocative show emulates Coachella in its merging of art and music, featuring a slew of artists who also happen to be established, venerated musicians, like Moby, DJ Poet, Craig Skibs Barker, Steve Olson, and more. For this Gallery 446 show, Jim Evans created a resplendent poster announcing the uber talented line-up, commingling his version of Gampopa, a Tibetan deity throwing a blissed-out sign of the horns and surrounded by Japanese Manga and classic American hot rod art.

Collaborating with Los Angeles artist The Blakhat, Jim Evans created the pieces “Who Rules You?” and “You Know Who You Are,” toying with the concept of “selfie robots” and behaving as disciples to the all-powerful dollar, politics, religion, and astrology. Both these pieces will be available at the Art & Sound festival, as well as the limited edition print of ALOHA BITCHES, one of the very first works created by TAZBONES — the united project of Jim Evans (TAZ) and Ned Evans (BONES).
EMEK, also featured in Gallery 446’s show, created unforgettably awesome artwork for Lollapalooza 1993, whereupon he met Jim Evans and they thusly began their long friendship. He’s been producing limited edition posters for Coachella since 2007 and this years Coachella magazine interviewed both Jim and EMEK, to whom they refer as “the interpreter’s and shaman’s definition to Rock & Roll poster art.” In this interview, Evans is quoted: “It’s [Poster Art is] certainly much more democratic than fine art. It’s the people’s art, in a way. It’s a way of communicating that really doesn’t exist anywhere else. A poster is something that really shouldn’t last long- but it does.”
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