A Compelling Testament To The Pandemic: This Is A Different Light!

by Pierre Vudrag on Thursday, July 9, 2020

L.A. After SUNSET, photographer Connie Conway’s continuing efforts to document Los Angeles, gave way to a whole new light amid the ongoing COVID19 pandemic.  Venturing out onto L.A.’s iconic streets during the lock down revealed a city that has never been seen.  “This new normal was hauntingly surreal and at times strangely peaceful,” says Conway.  Conway continues, “Streets typically jammed with rush hour commuters were now empty and silent – devoid of life.”  This new series of photographs by Conway, A Different Light, is a rare and compelling testament to the effect the pandemic had on Los Angeles during this unprecedented moment in time.

LAX, Los Angeles

Rodeo Drive & Dayton Way, Beverly Hills

Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles

Guitar Center, Hollywood

Hollywood Blvd. & Orange Drive, Hollywood

Fourth Street Bridge, Los Angeles

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