STEVE McQUEEN: The Lost Le Mans Photos

by Paula Hendrickson on Monday, May 9, 2016

Steve McQueen may have been one of Hollywood’s most iconic leading men, but it’s well known that one of the actor’s biggest off-camera passions was auto racing.  McQueen’s box office success in the ‘60s with movies like Bullitt and The Thomas Crown Affair enabled him to make a film centered in the world of auto racing.

That film, Le Mans (1971), wasn’t a blockbuster when originally released, but its realistic portrayal of the racing profession created an almost documentary-like feel that has made it a cult classic among racing fans.

McQueen’s love of auto racing comes through on screen as well as in behind-the-scenes photos taken during production of Le Mans that show his determination to get the film made. These rare images of McQueen in action make up the first in a series of Limited Run’s new, exclusive, limited edition “Lost Hollywood Collection.”

The seven images in the Steve McQueen “Lost Le Mans Photo” collection —to be released May 9, 2016—are hand-numbered and stamped archival fine prints of photographs that were almost lost forever. Some of the original negatives were in such rough shape they’d been discarded, but were professionally restored and preserved.

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The “Lost Hollywood Collection” features previously unreleased or lost images taken by notable photographers like Milton Greene and Gene Lester.  Future releases will focus on Hollywood luminaries including Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne, Carole Lombard, Gene Kelly and another well-know race car driving actor, Paul Newman, at work as well as in more candid, off-set situations.


Also available are many rare vintage posters from the film Le Mans including this U.S. one sheet

Le Mans (National General, 1971)  One Sheet
This poster has been professionally restored and linen backed

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