BATMAN: The Film Art of an
Original Super Hero

by Pierre Vudrag on Wednesday, March 25, 2015

First appearing in Detective Comics #27 in May 1939 (DC Comics), Batman was the brainchild of co-creators, artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger.  The character and comic captured the imagination of the public and quickly took off and has been going strong ever since.  Spawning popular television series and films, including the recent Dark Knight Rises which featured Christian Bale as the Caped Crusader.  Batman first appeared in films in the 1940 in two serials but did not appear in theatres until 1966s Batman, the feature film adaption of the popular TV series starring Adam West and Burt Ward, who also starred in the film.  But it wasn’t until the 1980s that Warner Brothers began releasing a series of feature films, starting in 1989 with the Tim Burton directed Batman starring Michael Keaton, that a stream of Batman films have been hitting the theatres.  Here is some of the film and other art of these classic and not so classic Batman films.

Batman (20th Century Fox, 1966) Italian 4-Folio
This Italian 4-Folio features Batman in an uncharacteristic red suit

 Batman (20th Century Fox, 1966)
Ultra rare original poster from Finland advertising the 1966 cult movie of DC Comics Dark detective starring Adam West

 Batman (20th Century Fox, 1966)
Great image of Batman and Robin, Adam West and Burt Ward designed by Tim Jordan/Blunt Graffix. Limited edition print of 35 copies with fluorescent inks

The Dark Knight (Warner Brothers, 2008) Advance US One Sheet

 The Dark Knight (Warner Brothers, 2008) IMAX US One Sheet (Style H)
Used primarily for the smaller number of IMAX theatres, this advance Style H one sheet is much scarcer than the more widely distributed advance shown right above.


The Dark Knight Rises (Warner Brothers, 2012) SS Advance One Sheet
The most recent film in the series to be released and the last with  Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne.

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