Vintage Travel Posters: Airlines

by Pierre Vudrag on Thursday, January 26, 2017

Vintage advertising posters often evoke feelings of nostalgia and either reminds me of either me childhood or help transport you to another nostalgic time and place.  A time and place, if we are fans of vintage culture, that we all wish we could visit.  Here are some airline travel posters that help evoke some of those long lost places and feelings which help to remind me that we can continue to visit those places by hanging any of these great posters on our wall.


Paris Air France
Year Printed: 1962
Artist: P Baudouin
Country of Poster: France

Air France Covers the World by E. Maurus

Air France Covers the World
Year Printed: 1947
Artist: E. Maurus
Country of Poster: France

Fly TWA Florida (no text) by David Klein

Fly TWA Florida
Year Printed: c. 1955
Artist: David Klein
Country of Poster: U.S.

Fly TWA Arizona Airline Travel Poster by Austin Briggs

Fly TWA Arizona
Year Printed: c. 1960
Artist: Austin Briggs
Country of Poster: U.S.

Vuele a los ee.uu.por B.O.A.C by Frank Wootton

Vuele a los ee.uu.por B.O.A.C
Year Printed: 1950
Artist: Frank Wootton
Original color offset lithographic poster, Fly to the USA by BOAC. This is the rare Spanish version of this poster used to promote travel on British Overseas Airway Corporation in South America.

Fly TWA to France

Fly TWA to France
Year Printed: c. 1950
Artist: Anonymous
Country of Poster: U.S.

Hawaii - Pan American World's Most Experienced Airline

Hawaii – Pan American World’s Most Experienced Airline
Year Printed: c. 1960
Artist: Anonymous
Country of Poster: U.S.

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