Julius Klinger
Purity of Design Unequaled

by Vintage Advertising Collective on Saturday, October 15, 2016

Julius Klinger (May 22, 1876 – 1942) Austrian born painter, draftsman, illustrator, commercial graphic artist, typographer and writer that worked extensively as a commercial graphic artist.  Klinger collaborated in the developed a new fashion of functional poster design that soon gained him international reputation.  Beginning in 1918, Klinger designed a comprehensive and noted campaign promoting the “Tabu” company’s cigarette rolling paper (see below), that was advertised all over Vienna in 1918 and 1919.  Probably towards the end of 1937 he designed his last poster for the Ankerbrot-Werke factory.  Being of Jewish descent, he suffered from national socialist harassment. According to Viennese police records, he was registered as moved to Minsk on June 2, 1942, i.e. deported and is presumably to have been killed the same year by the Nazis. (Source: Wikipedia)

We have a few of his posters and when you look at these it is easy to fall in love with Julius Klinger’s work. His purity of design is unequaled, and his outlook on life, posters, and poster design is something that you can instantly relate too.

Cigarettenhulsen Tabu by Julius Klinger
Printed in 1919
This work is quite different from his later output which was cleaner and more market-driven 


Bernhard Deutsch Gipkens Klinger by Julius Klinger
Printed in 1923
This individual scene, taken from Klinger’s Magnum Opus, Poster Art in Vienna, could be framed to exceptional effect 


Chwala Druck by Julius Klinger
Printed in 1923

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