International Amsterdam Tattoo Convention
Poster Art by Vince

by Pierre Vudrag on Tuesday, October 18, 2016

We were unaware of the appeal that some
vintage poster artists have for tattoo artists.
Some tattoo artists have created Mucha-inspired tattoos
that cover entire backs and bodies.

2012-tattoo8th International Amsterdam Tattoo Convention Poster by Vince

We’ve just released a fun and provocative series of posters from the annual International Amsterdam Tattoo Convention.  The posters start with the 8th annual convention in 2012 through the 11th convention in 2015.  Held each year at the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam, the posters in this series were designed by Vince.


10th International Amsterdam Tattoo Convention Poster by Vince

Designed by the artist Vince the artwork is inspired by Dutch symbolism bonnets, wooden shoes and all.


9th International Amsterdam Tattoo Convention Poster by Vince

We don’t know if any of the tattoo-ers or tattoo-ees at these conventions actually have any Mucha tats but we’re guessing there’s a whole lot of interesting skin art …  see the entire series of posters.

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