LE MONT ST. MICHEL FRANCE Travel Advertising Poster


Genre: Travel
Artist: Delvert
Year Printed: c. 1955
Size: 24.75" X 39"
Country of Poster: Unknown
Restoration Detail: Unrestored
Grade: Very Fine
Additional Information: Original French vintage travel poster: LE MONT ST. MICHEL FRANCE Artist is: Delvert. This original vintage poster is acid-free archival linen backed, in fine condition; ready to frame. This poster is known as The Pearl of French Medieval Art. Print by Braun & Cie The fortified city of Mont Saint-Michel looks to something taken out of a fairy tale. Today's abbey is built on the remains of a Romanesque church, which stands on the remains of a Carolingian church. St. Michael, whose gilded statue decorates the top of the spire, was the patron saint of many French kings, making this a favored site for French royalty through the ages. This abbey has 1,200 years of history, The native island is situated in Normandy in France and constructed on a large rock in the middle of a beach which is occasionally flooded by the tidewater that moves in and out at a rate of 1 meter per second, and rises and falls up to 14 meters. Around the island is quicksand which made the place ideal for a defensive position. According to the legend the Bishop of Avaranches should have received instructions from Archangel Michael to build monastery and church on the island in 708 AD. About two hundreds years later the island was further fortified which was a wise decision. Mont Saint-Michel have had its share of action in several wars. According to the Bayeux Tapestry, on which the island is depicted, the depicting The Norman invasion of England in 1066: a scene on the carpet shows that Harold rescues two knights from the quicksand during a skirmish. Later during the Hundred Years War (1337-1453), the British did not succeed in conquering the island despite being in control of large parts of northern France. During the French revolution the island was used as a prison but today the island enjoys a more peaceful life. The island is a grand tourist attraction but the fortress is still populated with about 50 inhabitants who is mainly occupied with tourism.

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