Vision Miscellaneous Advertising Poster


Genre: Miscellaneous
Artist: Lenore Beran
Year Printed: 1980
Size: 30" x 22"
Country of Poster: Unknown
Restoration Detail: Unrestored
Grade: Very Fine
Additional Information: Original. Created by Lenore Bérnan, one of the foremost artist of American Western Art. Signed by the artist in the bottom right hand corner, the number of the original is in the bottom left hand corner (32/99), and in-between is the title "Vision". Printed on heavy watercolor paper, and artistically torn at the edges by Bérnan. In the top left hand corner an embossed face of a Native American can be seen, complete with traditional headdress. This image is both haunting and beautiful to behold. Bérnan creates a narrative throughout this piece by adding such a title that allows the viewer to explore his/her own understanding of a "Vision". A vision can be seen as an inspirational experience, quite commonly spiritual, that directly affects the envisioned life or life decisions. In this such case Bérnan has composed a dream-like world using indistinctive, undefined colors as a composition to substitute the tangible world. The only two defined and elaborate beings in this artwork are two Native Americans, one is the embossed figure, and the second is placed nearly in the center of the piece, composed of bright oranges. It so appears that a fire has been constructed on the far left hand side due to brush strokes of oranges and browns emitting upwards in a blossom shape, out of the fire arises white with tinges of soft blues, possibly this is smoke from the fire and is creating the embossed Native American. The orange on the man in the near center could be the glow from the fire, reflecting on his body and clothes. Behind him, in the shadows, is his companion, his figure is dark with only tinges of orange hitting him; his outline is nearly the same as the foremost man's. The green and blue caressing beneath then can be thought of as a mound of grass and earth, and the purple and browns and blues behind them might be the morning sky. Have they stayed up all night waiting to see what they see now? Only Lenore Bérnan truly knows.

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