Cordial Medoc - French Liqueur affiche Food & Beverage Advertising Poster


Genre: Food & Beverage
Artist: Henri Le Monnier
Year Printed: 1936
Size: 22.25" x 30.25"
Country of Poster: Unknown
Restoration Detail: Unrestored
Grade: Very Fine
Additional Information: Original vintage poster: Cordial Medoc (Small), artist: Henri Le Monnier. Size: 22.25" x 30.25". Archival linen backed in excellent condition; ready to frame. Great Price, Mint condition antique original French liquor poster vintage poster lithograph.. Great price. Henri Le Monnier was a patriotic Frenchman who used his commercial skills to help the French economy. After World War I, France was in financial trouble like many other European countries. In response, Henri Le Monnier launched an advertising campaign to help boost sales for his company’s products. To do this, Le Monnier used newspapers as a medium to advertise his products because they were cheap and accessible to everyone at that time. As a result, sales for Medoc wine skyrocketed and helped France bounce back from its wartime losses quickly. In addition to boosting sales for Medoc wines, Henri Le Monnier also used his skills to promote other French products during this time period. Original linen backed poster. Excellent condition. This is fabulous and very fun poster, with wild colors! Made to advertise a liqueur that warms the heart...The poster has been archivally mounted on linen, and it is in excellent condition. There are two known size formats, and this is the smaller of the two. "La Liquer qui rejouit le coeur" You can have fun when framing this original French vintage poster with all of the color patterns in the image.

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